The Place You Belong

What is a CGroup?

A  cGroup is a few friends following Jesus to love and serve everyone, everywhere, everyday.

Think of it this way, if someone asks you “who’s in your circle?” you automatically think of the friends and family closest to you, the ones you count on. Both Jesus and the believers who made up the early church reveal to us the value of a circle of friends. These are the people see the real you, the good, the bad and the ugly.  Your people encourage, support and challenge you to live each day more like Jesus. Like the early church, your circle will be encouraged to gather according to the natural rhythms of life. Your circle may commit to gather on a set day or time, while others may decide to be more flexible.  The key is to commit to support, encourage, and inspire each other to follow the teachings of Jesus and share his love with others.

Why should I connect with a cGroup?

There are several reason.

Know God more fully. (Communion w/ God)
Know and be known by others. (Community)
Grow spiritually. (Community/Communion)
Give care and support to others while finding care and support yourself. (Community/Co-Mission)
Take hope into your community. (Live on Co-Mission w/ Holy Spirit)

How often should you gather?

A CGroup gathers within the natural rhythms of life. To have healthy relationships within your  CGroup, it will take time. The more time invested to develop relationships, the stronger they become. In one season of life, you  may choose to gather once a week, while in another season you may gather once or twice a month. The natural rhythms of life will dictate the frequency and activity for your CGroup.


Whether you're interested in starting your own cGroup, looking to sign up with an existing cGroup, or you need a suggestion from our leaders about a cGroup that would be a good fit for you, we have the resources you need. Just click a link below to get started!